South Bay is our residential/recreational development overlooking the Saint John River. The focus of this project is to allow residents to escape the clutter and noise of urban life, but also the mundane isolation of traditional suburbs. The strategic layout of homes and green spaces will encourage interaction among residents as well as allow one to reduce their stress levels naturally. Combined with a world class golf course, it will no doubt attract those who've come to expect the best.



We were fortunate to purchase this property over 20 years ago. Myself and everyone who worked for me at that time knew the land was special. The long views up the Kennebecassis and Saint John rivers dotted with sailboats and yachts, framed by rolling hills, are as impressive today as they were then.


The parcel of land is several thousand acres and making a decision on maximizing long term value was going to be a challenge. We wanted something that Saint John could be proud of. It had to be done well enough that we could draw upon the local, national and international community.


Graham Cooke ( had recently completed Glen Arbour (, Fox Harb'r (, Fox Creek (, as well as many other golf courses in Prince Edward Island and internationally. We offered a blank canvas for him to create a masterpiece, which he did. With such a large and varied topography, the results will allow us to have one of the best new golf courses in Canada.


Randall Arendt ( was tasked with outlining the conservation areas of the property as well as providing the optimal locations for housing. Randall is a global leader in Conservation Planning and design. Our goal is to have as much as 50% of the land in a natural state while leaving the remaining accessible for many and varied low impact activities.


This will be a paragraph about the South Bay Golf Course